Legion of Boom Productions

    Welcome to the Legion of Boom

    Welcome to the Legion of Boom. We are a complete production company providing high definition recording, crisp mixing and industry level mastering, in a professional studio setting. Founded in 2014 by Jarell “Certified Murk” Strambler of Houston & James “Young Pro” Robinett of San Diego, You can definitely hear their regional influences in their unique production styles. In early 2014 the two beat makers came together and formed “Legion of Boom” Productions. When asked to describe their one of a kind sound certified murk compared it only too a DJ Screw & Dr. Dre collaboration. Welcome to the legion!

      Name Type BPM Starting at
    Keep It Real 130 bpm $29.95 Buy
    Hungry 130 bpm $29.95 Buy
    Exodus 80 bpm $29.95 Buy
    Ready For It 112 bpm $29.95 Buy
    Periodic 142 bpm $29.95 Buy
    On Me 155 bpm $29.95 Buy